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Higgins Premium Pet Foods is committed to providing companion birds and small animals with the highest quality foods and treats made without the use of artificial colors, preservatives and flavorings. We are strongly dedicated to building and maintaining relationships with pet parents built on trust, by making the complete health and well-being of their pets our primary goal.


It’s hard to imagine that we started at as a pet shop over forty-five years ago. In 1972, Ignacio Perea Sr., a Cuban immigrant who came to the United States in the late fifties, opened a small pet store in Miami, Florida that specialized in companion birds. He began hand mixing ingredients and vitamins and fed the seed blend to his birds. Others started to take notice of how well his bird flocks were doing and soon he was bagging his seed blends and selling them to the public. Small bags became big bags and walk-in customers became retail deliveries. Before he knew it, the bird food sales had outgrown the pet store sales.  

Today, Higgins operates a multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art automated production mill. The next family generation continues to own, operate and move the business forward; never forgetting where it all began.

At Higgins, We Care About What Your Pets Eat

We craft our foods with the utmost care for your pet’s well-being. This means we actively seek out high-end ingredients that we know your pet will love, while promoting their overall health. Our commitment to natural, innovative nutrition drives us to make the right choices for you and your pet.
  • Our ingredients are natural and free of artificial colors and flavors. The colors we use are sourced from seeds, spices and vegetables.
  • We use plant-based DHA omega-3 to support the immune system and overall well-being.
  • We use high-end ingredients and comprehensively formulate products in order to avoid using cheap fillers and find healthier alternatives whenever possible. 
  • All diets are enriched with protected probiotics – beneficial microorganisms that support immunity and digestive health.

  • Our ingredients are quadruple air-washed, meaning significantly less dust and fines than leading competitors.

  • We use premium, oxygen-barrier packaging that is resealable, so our products stay fresh for longer.