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Same passion after more than 30 years

Our mission

Giving your pet a longer, healthier life

At Intersand, we firmly believe that our dear pets deserve the best. And it's because we want them to live long and healthy lives with us that we work daily to develop the best products based on best practices. We want to offer them innovative litters that respect their needs and yours.

Our commitments

Respect is at the heart of our values and as a leader in our field, we want to be a select partner for our consumers, distributors and employees. At Intersand, we have anchored in our values the desire to contribute to the development of sustainable practices for the environment and for our communities.

But that's not all, we also believe in a prettier, kittier future... 

Intersand: A unique brand

We're much more than a producer of high-quality litter. We are first and foremost animal hygiene experts who care about the well-being and health of our dear pets. 

Our litter is unique, and so are you!

Our promise

One aspect that pet parents often overlook is the impact of the substrate on the health of their pet and everyone in their home. At Intersand, we go the extra mile to ensure that none of our litters affect your cat’s health. Many litters contain powerful antibacterial agents that control odours. However, these additives are also used as pesticides. These products can lead to serious health risks. Many studies have shown that they are toxic, even in low concentrations. We guarantee that Intersand products will never contain toxic products. 

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