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About Us

Our pet company was formed to develop and create one of the world's most healthiest pet foods. Our “Complete & Natural” philosophy stems from over 30 years of experience working in the Pet Industry. Over these years, many changes regarding recommended ingredients have changed. This is why our super premium line of foods have been designed to focus on only using top quality, natural and fully wholesome ingredients. We believe this basic idea will help our pets live a long and healthy life. So when it’s time for your pet to “Replenish”, give us a try!

Here at Replenish® Pet Foods, we are committed to the development of superior quality foods with optimum nutrition for the life of your pets. We understand that YOU want the best for your pets and so do WE! That is exactly why our goal is, and will always be, to use only the very best ingredients in all of our recipes. No cheap fillers, no animal by-product meals nor any chemical preservatives will ever be used.

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